Let's Enjoy Our Funny Fat Little Boats!


Let's Enjoy Our Funny Fat Little Boats!

It's beginning to warm up and most of us are getting into the sailing mood once again. I certainly hope all will participate in your local sailing events this year with your Lido 14. Take a cruise around the harbor or down the end of a lake, just splash it! Get that great feeling back and why we all enjoy and love these funny fat little boats. They are about sailing with family, loved ones, and dear old friends. They are about bringing people together. Look around at your next sailing adventure and witness all those great smiles! So go sailing with your family or a friend and enjoy. Remember you may not go as fast as you like, but certainly cannot lose.

Also if you get a chance go to our Lido web site (www.lido14.com) and view some articles we are trying to put up like, "how to" articles for your viewing. Also, on the website we have a master calendar with events involving all our fleets in the association. If you or your fleet would like to contribute to the website, just send articles to our web master (John Gresham) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lastly, exciting things are happening with our 60th annual National Championship regatta that no one should miss! To make this another historical event we need your help in communication with one and another or maybe a new Lido owner that would like to see what the Lido family is all about!

There's not a better class in the country to be involved. Let’s make sure that our dreams for the future of the Lido 14 class stay in tack.

Family Sailing - Family Fun

Butch ~/)~